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Hi! I'm a mother of three wonderful, amazing, children and wife to an incredible, loving, and supportive husband. I enjoy gardening, knitting, reading, and writing. Family is everything to me.

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    Melissa Mistretta

    Chili sounds amazing, I may have to try it soon. I use my slow cooker this time of year, so I get excited! When I get home from my night shift, I throw in all the ingredients, cover it, put it to the desired temperature and then go to sleep while all the magic happens. Then I awaken to a house that smells amazing! The baby back ribs have been delectable lately. Now I am going to have to give that chili a whirl. :-)

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    I hope you like it! The thing I like is the flexibility of the recipe – you can put more or less of each ingredient in, depending on what you like. I agree – slow cookers are wonderful!

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