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    My daughter came home after school yesterday, and noticed that her fish, Zipper, didn’t look good. She said she had been worried about him a little in the morning, but after school he really looked bad. Most of the time he was face down in the rocks, barely breathing, but would occasionally move around a little, which gave her hope.

    He finally lost his battle, so we removed him for a proper burial. He was a very sweet minnow. We got him from a feeder fish tank and he grew 3x his original size because we gave him the space. When he lived at the store he was cramped and over fed like all feeder fish. For the last part of his life, though, he lived with fish and people who love him, and he died one day after Orina, another fish of hers.


    Poor kid! It’s never easy to lose a pet. I have lost a few in my life, and it’s never easy.

    I had a cat when I was really young. We named her Flake, and she was so much fun! I remember watching her poke her little paws under the door to the bathroom, and snag a sock. She would almost get it out of the bathroom, too! She loved to sit in things – boxes and the bathroom sink were probably her favorite spots.

    I also had a dog when I was a little older. Pogo was so fluffy and friendly. He kept getting out somehow, though. Even when we put him outside, he managed to escape from the yard. We finally took him to my grandparents’ house out in the country. He was there for quite a few years, and since we visited my grandparents all of the time, we still got to see him all of the time. That made it a little easier. He was safer there, and happier. I had so many cousins, and they lived near there, so he had so many visitors, and got to run around the yard all of the time.

    Years later, I got a cat. He was such a nice cat, but didn’t like everyone. He really liked me, though, and we were good pals. Sarge was really cuddly with me. I was even able to walk him on a leash! He was playful even when he wasn’t a kitten anymore. He really loved to get into my yarn all of the time! He didnt meow much, but sometimes he would purr. I loved when he fell asleep on my lap. He kept me company, so I didn’t feel alone. We were great friends. He got really old, and sick. I was so sad when it was his time to go. I haven’t had a furry friend for a few years. Maybe I will again some day. Right now isn’t the right time.


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