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Hi! I'm a mother of three wonderful, amazing, children and wife to an incredible, loving, and supportive husband. I enjoy gardening, knitting, reading, and writing. Family is everything to me.

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    Melissa Mistretta

    I LOVE Cuddles! How wonderful to still have Cuddles. I’m so glad you have those pictures to treasure that also tells the story of Cuddles.

    Both of my daughters had favorite blankets that they dragged everywhere as babies. I must have washed them a million times. I have them both. I am saving them in hopes of giving those blankets back to my girls someday. Maybe when they have babies of their own. OK…getting emotional over here. :)

    Melissa :)

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    Human Diaries

    Ah! The wonderful memories!!! Cuddles is very popular and is wanted in every room in the house!

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    Melissa Mistretta

    I can imagine how popular Cuddles is, I want it! LOL

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    Awwww….how sweet! I’m sure they’ll appreciate having their blankies back when the time comes!

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